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The opening of Evergreen Grove LLC is the culmination of nearly two decades of personal experience, research, planning and construction.

Al Sorge, a builder and owner of Evergreen Grove, had a life-long friend who became stricken with a debilitating disease. As time went on it became obvious that country living suited his friend best and that a housing environment like Evergreen Grove needed to be built.

So the search began for the right land, town and setting to build a housing complex that would allow people with special needs to still enjoy independent living in a secure country environment.

Now there is a community in Genesee County that began in the heart, for people with special needs and continues to serve with the same heartfelt dedication.

Our goal is to allow people with all types of physical disabilities to live independently in a secure and comfortable setting.

Contact Information

Evergreen Grove LLC
12306 Lake Road
Otter Lake, MI 48464

(810) 656-6307

Monday - Saturday 9AM - 5PM