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Ask about our transitional housing options in Otter Lake, MI serving Davison, MI

If you or your loved one is wheelchair-bound or requires special care, your housing needs to fit your lifestyle and rehabilitation plan. Evergreen Grove LLC is a transitional housing community in Otter Lake, MI and serving Davison, MI that's been designed with your needs in mind. Every housing unit on our property is barrier-free and can be customized to fit your unique accessibility and care requirements.

We have an in-house caregiving staff, but you can bring your own caregiver, if you prefer. You can find units open for both short- and long-term situations. Plus, our housing is designed so your family can move in and live with you.

We also provide a wide range of recreational opportunities for our residents to stay active and engaged. Call 810-656-6307 right now to learn more about our transitional housing community and physical rehabilitation center.

We'd love for you to join our community

If you're looking for transitional housing or alternative options to nursing homes in the Otter Lake and Davison, MI area, visit Evergreen Grove. We're a transitional housing community and physical rehabilitation center dedicated to improving the lives of our residents. Consider making Evergreen Grove your home because:


Quality of Healthcare

Your family is able to live with you and we also have a team of high quality health care providers to tend to your needs.


Our homes are completely barrier-free

We have incredible accommodations with 5 different floor-plans for different types of disabilities and family sizes.


Our community is tight-knit.

Everyone knows everyone. We grill out together, do activities together and develop lasting friendships.


We have a safe location in the pristine Michigan countryside.

We are right beside the village of Otter Lake and our property is surrounded by nature and natural beauty.


There's so much i could say about this place. The most handicapped accessible living arrangement in Michigan. Its owner, Al Sorge, is a very respectable man. He helps in a lot of different ways to make this your home and make sure its a comfortable living arrangement! My father Jermey lives there, he is quadriplegic, and this place has given him a better outlook on his day-to-day and a ready team of home health care aids and nurses that work hand in hand with evergreen and it's residents. Highly recommended for your loved ones! The condos are beautiful inside and out! All brand name new appliances ceiling lifts and tracks for mobility. 100% accessible home and grounds. Nature filled paths with beautiful landscaping. Bon fire pit and picnic tables for family gatherings. Wide doors interior and exterior for easy access with power chairs or gurneys. And so much more!